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One Way or Another

The time has come for the wolf to run alone,

Out from his warm summery home

Into the coming months of winter –

Bittering and awaiting him to come hither.

It is time now for the eaglet to become the huntress,

Know her place, her duty, refine her prowess,

The eagle’s golden vision close to perfection,

It was time she flew beyond her perception.

She is the alpha that rules the sky,

He the vigilante with eagle eyes.

But one way or another if one needs the other,

They know where to find each other.




product of society

I hope when they scan my bar code, The machine yells an error. I hope my bar code’s lines are coded, By little squiggles of daisies and vines.   __________________________________________________________________________________________ Inspired by the person I love best.   I’ll talk to you later, Kez (The Little Novice) ❤ #TimetoKeepUp