My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things #01

What up?!

Starting the week off with some of my favourite thing(s), and what better way to start off with a little ‘haul’ for my “Back to School” essentials. Here in Australia, I think it’s about less than a month left before high schools and primary schools will start another school year, followed be university / college / Tafe kids. I got a little nuts since I’m a little excited because…


I decided to finish off my undergrad degree with some fancy-schmancy things that I personally would need for “back to school”, and let me just say, I’m a HUGE “Typo” fan, I literally go there and come out with unnecessary things (oh c’mon I’m sure you have a favourite store you spend all your money on!)


Back to School Essentials
Back to School Essentials

Except for the grey pencil case (I got on sale from Kikki K), all of the items in that photo are from the shop “Typo” (if I haven’t repeated it enough, my go-to place) and we got (from top left corner):

1. “Mickey” Buffalo journal (A5 size) – I don’t need this for learning *cough*. I bought it because (i) Mickey Mouse and (ii) this is my new companion. This is the journal where I write all the ideas that pop into my head, little snippets of flash fiction when I get bored, and it’s always nice to bring some pen and paper everywhere!

2. Kikki K pencil case – Not sure if it has a name, but it’s Kikki K and it was on sale and ugh, I really didn’t need a new pencil case because I pretty much bring one pen and my laptop for classes, but I’m kinda tired of misplacing my pens. Also, since I’m going to be a lot more organized (and own more pens), I thought why not keep it all in a small but cute/neat case.

3. Campus Notebook (A4 size) – I usually use my laptop during seminars and lectures, but the fact is my exams are ‘written’ and go for about two-three hours sometimes. Plus, as much as I can type down information much faster, I’m not all digital and this year I want to keep my dependency on my tech gadgets to a minimum, so I decided to buy myself this book. It has three dividers inside, so the book is meant to hold about 4 subjects (perfect for me!)

4. Pen – It’s resting on top of the notebook I don’t know if you can see it, but really I don’t need a pen with a working mini-fan. I work best with light ballpoint pens but I was pressured by the lady in the store and if you live in Australia you would understand the heat we get in summer. So I’m gonna blame the weather for the death of my $5.

5. “Gypsy” bag – I think that’s what it’s called, but this is the only item in the haul that I really needed. My old bag was too small and was getting worn, so I needed something bigger and stronger.

A little motivation
A little motivation

A little extra detail: At the cover design of my campus notebook is a typewriter with these words: the best is yet to come. I kind of like that spin that’s why I chose this out of their ten different designs or so. If you’ve been reading my blog so far, I’m interested in trying something new for a change, and trying to make most of my every day as happy as I can. It’s always nice to have some motivation for whatever endeavor you wish to pursue.

If you’re going to start school soon, then good luck! Hope you have a wonderful new school year or if you’re halfway through it then make sure to finish your remaining terms, dare I say it, happy.


Talk to you soon,

The Little Novice

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Things #01

  1. I love the gypsy bag, too cute! I love the colours, Thank you for your sweet comment :-). It brought a smile to my face.

    You just started blogging on wordpress right? How do you like it so far?


    1. Thank you! I love that gypsy bag too (fits everything!) And yes I did just start blogging! I’m loving it so far, I’m still trying out things and testing out waters, but all in all I’m enjoying the blogging world. 🙂


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