My Favourite Things

MFT#02 – My Creative Essentials


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My favourite pencil, the smoothest pen, and my memory maker


Hope you’re having a great start of the week!

MFT stands for ‘My Favourite Things’, a weekly post where I share to you either my favourite things, things I buy, and stuff I need (like the ones in the picture)! They are absolutely about anything – drawing, writing, photography, fashion, and/or beauty.

Now! To explain why a pencil that is hardly ever sharp, a pen and my digital camera is essential. Well, though I like to try out new things my main hobbies and my true loves are photography, writing and when I get heaps of time, drawing. I’m an amateur and I’ll admit I’m not the best out there, but it’s something I discipline myself to improve every time.

Pencil – I sketch and draw a lot, but not enough. Whenever I do bring this pencil around I don’t bring an eraser, only to see how I do drawing something without erasing it. I only do that when I’m out of the house but when I’m down into drawing of course I have an eraser. This pencil in particular (a Staedler Mars Lumograph in HB) is my starting pencil, so I do my sketches or proportional lines using this.

Pen – I don’t have any favourite pen brand, as long as it works I’m fine with it. Along with my little journal, I almost always need a pen for two reasons: writing important stuff down and writing important spontaneous story ideas down when I’m on the go. As a writer, it’s always good to have pen and paper with you, so any idea popping up can be recorded, or if you’re bored out and just want to write…it saves having to bring a heavier laptop or tablet.

Camera – I usually use my Iphone to take my photos, but my camera is still as important. I don’t really care much about the HD because with this one I can get the same high quality as my Iphone. I carry it around especially when I go to a cool place for storage mainly. It’s quite big so I don’t always bring it around, but I should, because it’s got better video performance than my phone does, and it’s nice to just have one device with all your nature shots, lunch dates, and everything memorable! Plus, since I’m blogging now it’s a good and handy tool.


What’s your favourite essential?


The Little Novice

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