Little Adventures

Travelling to Wonderland

New Zealand

Dear Fellow Adventurer,

I’m writing to you knowing that you don’t exist. But one little prompt I’m asked to do in my Blogging University is to write a blog post with a particular kind of audience or reader in mind. And I thought of you.

Yes, you. That person who surprisingly has a lot of money and can afford a really REALLY good camera, and book hundreds of plane tickets to go out and take pictures of amazing places that I hunt for and collect them onto my favourite Pinterest board: Travelling to Wonderland.

Travelling to Wonderland


You don’t exist because I don’t know who you are. But I know that the kind of person you are lives within someone’s heart living in the same strange world that I’m currently living in too: a person with a sense of adventure, and takes inspiration from places they go to. And I know that a part of you exists in a lot of people out there, because these photographs I’ve seen on Pinterest were taken by real people. As much as I began this blog to share the best things in every day that is good and happy, my Letters (in the form of blog posts) have another purpose. To not only motivate myself in finding the good simple/awesome things in life, but to attach to my letters photographs of my own of wonderful places I’ve visited.

Like those three photos above. Nature. I want to be able to say hello to those mountains, and run alongside the brook in a forest. That’s a long shot, I would need to probably save up a lot of money for a better camera and plane tickets, but as I’m doing that, I’ll go to places that my day train ticket can afford to take me to, and start there. I would like to be like you one day, fellow adventurer, but not only do I want to see the extremes, but experience too the little delights you can find in trinket shops and creative alleys. I need to start off somewhere (as every novice does) right?

I don’t know what kind of inspiration you get actually standing in those places. A change of perspective? A change of heart or life? I’m a writer, and often places like that inspire a poem or a story out of me. Or I just go to those places to experience what it’s like to be there, and re create that feeling and adventure in one of my characters. Hopefully.

Whenever I go to places, I’ll make sure to share them with you! And share them with me too so I can continue filling up my Bucket List.



The Little Novice.

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