Lessons Learned : Drawing Supplies

2015-02-08 22.53.22

There is nothing else I’d rather do on a weekend to myself than get to drawing!

As my weekend was quiet, I spent most of Saturday and Sunday home, and at home there are many things to do! Many hobbies, chores, TV shows to watch, etc. But I’ve been catching up with my ongoing anime shows and I was in the mood for some drawing. On the top photo you’ll find Rin Okumura from “Ao No Exorcist”, and I’d love to explain the entire story to you but I would be spoiling it so therefore give it a watch!

2015-02-08 22.54.38

I have a set of pencils with a variety of shades (from B – 9B), but for Rin here I kept it simple and just used the three pencils on my desk’s pencil holder. I wanted to keep things simple, no very dark shades, and I wanted to see how good I can get with just using HB and 2B. I watch artists on Youtube do their thing and I notice that they tend to just use one or two pencils, maybe thee max. But often they just use one.

Rin was an exercise. I originally just wanted to use my HB but I had a lot of fun drawing him out that I wanted to actually make him look good so I went on and used my 2B too. One little thing I learned was that I didn’t need to have lots of different pencil shades to make a really good drawing. Trust me when I say that an HB pencil and a 2B pencil can take you a long way. Having different shades comes in handy for me and my kind of drawings, but really, I kind of wish that I didn’t go out and buy so many art supplies that one day because I believed good drawings = good quality art.

Not always.

Good art requires PRACTICE and PATIENCE. You can have all the best equipment and have it produce good quality art, but it’s deemed useless if you don’t know how to use them or don’t really try to improve or expand on your drawing skills. You can have the most low quality art supplies and though it might not produce really good quality, if you have add heart to it and skills, the quality of the materials don’t really matter. That was something I learnt.


So! How are you spending your weekend? Hope you have a lovely one (don’t forget to make it happy!)



The Little Novice

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