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MFT#03 – The Usuals

2015-01-12 16.52.55


My Favourite Things #3! Woo!

Today I’d like to share with you my usual essentials that I put in my bag whenever I go out shopping, out on an adventure, or even lunch dates with my best friends. I would have the usual stuff with me, but finding inspiration is a thing I’m on. I think it’s a phase. Wherever I go, I always bring my trusty magic bag/purse that fits all of this. I would bring a tiny backpack sometimes, but sometimes I like to find my happiness and inspiration in style 😉 I got the bag as a birthday present. It’s an awesome bag from Kaboodle Designs (If you live in NSW, Australia, they have a store in Newtown Sydney) But nevertheless, I feel rather incomplete if I do not have the following in my bag:

2015-01-12 16.53.26

1. My notebook – My notebook “Mickey” is always with me. Even if I don’t feel like writing, I always have Mickey with me and a pen. Sometimes I find myself alone sitting on one of the city’s parks or by a cafe, and I would look back to my poems and flash stories I wrote. We gotta stay away from the computer sometime, even my phone. So when I do have the time, and I find myself in a refreshing area, I’d write.

2015-01-01 14.01.43

2. A book – Again, even if I won’t have time to read it while I’m out, it’s always nice to bring a book. Something to do on the train or the bus instead of repeatedly scrolling to the same Newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram for an hour! the best inspiration for writers out there is to read. Plus, I get bored easily. So having a book to read is always a good thing!

3. My camera – I forgot to put it in the picture, but I bring my camera around as it’s an essential for my creative process (see Creative Essentials). Sometimes I would just use my iPhone to take photos, but if I want some good HD going on? I take out my baby and shoot away!

When I hang out with friends, or have dinners and lunches, I barely touch these items. But bringing them along is a good reminder for me. Even if I forget that I brought them, when I do feel suddenly creative or I see something inspirational when I’m out, they are right there for me to record the awesome thoughts and inspiration. After all, if I’m sending you letters through my blog, and my aim IS to share with you happy positive things. So I can’t do that if I don’t have my Usuals.



The Little Novice

6 thoughts on “MFT#03 – The Usuals

  1. I like this idea of posting photos of your favourite things! It’s a super cute exercise. It reminds me of the 100 happy days exercise I did last year. How often do you post these? 🙂


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