Little Adventures

Little Adventures – Cafes and Restaurants


For the past month, I have been to two unique places that I’ve never heard of before. Sometimes it’s a good thing to have either a friend or your sister drag you around town and show you places to have a little snack and eat.

1. Ribs & Burgers




Hidden at the patio of a new shopping centre in Haymarket, Sydney, a little restaurant with big and yummy burgers (that took me a really long time to digest but even though it was hard to finish as I’m not a burger lover, it was pretty good and worth the money). If you’re around Sydney, make sure you visit the bottom food court inside the new shopping mall right across the University of Technology Sydney. I’m forgetting the mall’s name right now, but when I do find out I’m sure you’d already have found it!


Of course, what would have been better than eating at a new and unique place and having a catch up with a friend I don’t see very often. It’s always nice to see them once in a while, and see what they’re up to. It’s a new angle on things, and rekindles dormant friendships. (Thanks for the treat, Fristine!)


2. The Innocent Kitchen



2015-02-21 10.31.37

Another hidden place, this time no where near the heart of Sydney City. It’s in a quiet suburb of Sydenham, just a couple of train stations away from the Sydney City, and it’s a really small place. If you’re not from the area and you don’t look hard enough, you might just mistake it as another shop. But it isn’t. It’s probably one of the cutest little cafes I’ve seen. It’s family friendly, their hot chocolates are great, and the staff are the nicest people in town! It’s kind of humbling to see people this simple. I guarantee that you can’t exit this cafe unhappy. It’s a room full of contagious happiness and smiles!


Where have YOU been?

– The Little Novice.

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