Letters to: You Who Looks Back

Dear adventurer,

There are places we visit that we will never forget, and no doubt we have the absolute freedom to visit them again. We’re kind of magical, because adventurers can travel back in time in our minds. Back to times within our lives that made us happy, sad, angry, nevertheless even if the memory fades overtime, the emotions we feel remain fresh and clear.

We feel happy, and we feel pain. Happiness and Pain are the two biggest emotions we have, and they are the two memories that impact our lives the most. They have the power to change us, even change our perspectives. When we look back at those memories, we feel either one of these emotions, or in some cases both. We travel back to those moments, and we start to miss it. Sometimes regret it, sometimes wish we could change it.

But once you visit a place, and come back to it, the experience is different. Feel free to visit it as much as you’d like, to reminisce, but memories are nothing more than memories. It will not change no matter how many times you alter it in your mind. All you can do is accept it for what it is, and know that it’s part of your adventure. Soon, it’ll become a distant memory, a memory that helped you to get to where you are now.

Look back for the sake of remembering, but never look back and then look forward with a heavy heart. It’s not right. You can’t ask a tree to stop growing only because you liked it the way it was when you saw it years ago, and are now angry because the tree changed. Love your memories, whether good or bad. Be thankful for it. Whether it was a mistake, or a valuable lesson, it’s part of you. It’s your choice to let it change you for the better or for the worst. Fellow adventurer, I hope you allow it to change you for the better good.

Now, let’s leave this distant memory. There’re other memories out there who can’t wait for you to meet it.



The Little Novice

3 thoughts on “Letters to: You Who Looks Back

  1. That was so relatable. It’s a tumultuous life, and one can’t help but look back, but this beautiful letter reminds one that change is inevitable and that what one is today is because of what happened yesterday. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you! I still have moments where I want to live in a past moment, but yes change is inevitable. Just keep on going with the flow 🙂


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