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MFT#04 – Notebooks and Sketch Pads

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My Favourite Things#04

It has been awhile since my last post, but nevertheless! My time hasn’t been that stressed with studies. A lot has happened, and here are some of the things I’ve been loving at the moment in the case of drawing / writing, etc. It was my birthday recently and my friends had given me some of these items because they know i like to spend my time doodling or writing little poems on the side. As I am on semester break, I get to play around and actually get to use these guys! I did tell myself I wanted to spend my semester break improving on my hobbies, especially my writing.

1. A5 Bonded Leather Notebook: Minimalist (Kikki.K)

Record all those great memories!
Record all those great memories!

I received this on my birthday and I have yet to write some things into it! The last time I had a diary was when I was very young (maybe 12), and I remembered scribbling the names of boys I liked, my personal thoughts, but often it was what I did that day. I don’t intend to use this journal in that sense, and I guess I’m a little too old to scribble names of crushes (haha!). But I’m planning to fill this up with memories to remember, and things I would learn along the way. It’s A5 size so I’m glad I can keep it in my little handbags. Plus, I’ve been loving Kikki.K’s stationery since forever! but I find myself inside that store more often than I should. What would YOU fill this book up with?


2. A5 ARCHES Watercolour Pad 


Back to an old hobby!
Back to an old hobby!

I’ve had this watercolour pad for quite some time, but I just haven’t been able to paint. Reasons being involve school and there were too many things to try out and do! But now that I have time to sit down, I really want to get crafty!

For all you artsy people out there! This pad is medium surfaced (meaning the paper has a bit of texture. Not too soft and not too rough). Medium is I guess my favourite one to work on (and a piece of advice I got when I was starting out was if you are still new to watercolour, go with a smooth texture first!). Back in high school I did Visual Arts in my senior year and my major project that I’ve worked on for a year were a series of watercolour paintings of the different faces of the sky throughout the day (Yep. I was a sky lover from as young as 17). That was where I first got my hands on watercolour, and where I first fell in love with it. I’m more of a drawer, not really painter, but watercolour is an exception for me!

Arches is also one of my all time favourite brands for watercolour paper. It’s a little pricey where I live but I can assure you it’s worth it!


3. “Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book” (by Johanna Basford)

Practice Patience!
Practice Patience!

Oh boy! This was given to me as a present once again, and this is probably one of the best things out there that you HAVE to try whether you like drawing, suck at it, or you just want to find something to do. It’s a book that has illustrations (bottom right) that you could colour in and fill up to make your own little design with it (like what I did with the bottom left page above).

One thing I found with this book was that it required TIME and PATIENCE. Depending on how you want to style each page, colouring in and doing the line work take up a lot of time. That one coloured page alone took me a long period of hours. But it’s worth it. It helps you relax, and it teaches you patience (I’m being serious): If you can be patient with finishing one page of these beautiful illustrations by Johanna Brasford, then you can be patient with anything! She also has more works and more books like this, and you should check her art out (right here)!


4. My Poetry Book 

Collected Poems
Collected Poems

A handmade leather notebook with 100% recycled paper that feels like cotton I bought from a convention years ago. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever purchased and so I keep it special by writing in it a collection of all the poems I’ve written since about 2013. I still have a lot of pages left, so I’m very happy about that! All my poems are saved as soft copies on a Word document, but every now and then I like to read my poems flipping a page. To me, something that is written down makes it even more real, because you can touch it, and to me, writing my favourite poems down on a book like this makes them immortal. ❤

What are you loving at the moment?

Stay on that Bright Side!

– The Little Novice 🙂

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