Short Stories · WRITE


The old woman said that patience did not always meant to wait without complaining.

She told me once that there was a fairy who roamed around granting the dreams of children. There was one little girl in her little white nightdress who would every night get on her toes and gaze outside her bedroom window. She would leave it open if she fell asleep, just in case the fairy would visit her.

But the fairy never came.  She waited, and at occasions even became angry and asked why the fairy had not come. So the little girl tried to be in her best behaviour, but no matter how hard she tried, the fairy never came.

The little girl grew up, and learned to find happiness through her own means. Years have passed, and the girl-now a woman-fell in love and married. She had her work and hobbies and other things to occupy her time, to always find something happy to do. Secretly, some nights, she wondered about that fairy, but she had kept her mind more on her family and other things.

Then one night, she was awoken by a breeze entering through her opened window. A little fairy flew around her and announced it was time to grant her a wish. When the fairy asked what she wanted, the woman asked for more patience. It was her patience that led her to her happy life, and it was all worth while in the end.

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