why i write

I’ve heard once that poetry isn’t a good way to express how you feel. Decorating your pain with fancy words or sparkling them with diamonds isn’t a healthy way to deal with how you feel. But I never saw it that way.


Often this perspective has a bitter taste with love poetry. It may be that writing out your feelings about unrequited love or a break up through metaphors and synecdoche is cliché or “attention seeking”.


This makes me a little angry sometimes. Poetry is art, as Hegel mentioned in his critical essays. It’s true that a moment in time or a feeling can be immortalized through poetry, where poetry is able to make the memory more meaningful. I never see any kind of poetry to be a way to seek attention or to showcase how technically versed you are.


The “pretty words” make the poetry universal. It unlocks the emotions the poem carries with it so you can empathize with it. It’s why the scholars deem poetry to be one of the highest form of art there is out there. It’s why poetry is still being read, written, and admired.


But why do I write poetry? Or write in general at all? It’s my own way of dealing with the sad things, the happy things, and it’s a way for me to express how I feel. There are moments in our lives where we have absolutely no idea how to deal with it, and we need to let it out without being violent.


We can ask every person we know, and each of them can offer the best advice they can give you, but at the end of it, somehow it all goes to waste when you try their advice, but nothing works.


Fictionalizing sometimes helps me deal with my inner enemies. People go for a run or go to the gym to help them deal with their own enemies. Some people paint, or make music out of their pains. I write. I record the pain not to put it in a pedestal and glorify it, but because when I turn it into poetry, I have a way of controlling it.


I can shape the feeling in any way I want when I turn it into poetry or writing. I can, for example, make it a cautionary tale, or a documentation of what my raw anger looks like, so I know never to be like that again.


Poetry doesn’t fix my problem, and yes I admit sometimes it makes you remember the pain, but poetry for me is like my jar of memories. I lock the emotions inside all my words, inside every line of the stanza. And when I’m stronger, I can look back to it, and remember how rock bottom I felt, and know that so much time has passed between that me and the now me, and I feel so proud of myself for defeating the inner enemies.


Each poet has their own reason to why they write. I am proud of each of my poetry, and I do share it with you because they are still my creative body of work. When I become a writer someday, they become works like how Wordsworth’s ones are or Robert Frost’s.


But just like Wordsworth and Frost I’m sure, my poetry will always be personal to me, and if there is any reader out there who understands it, maybe it can assure them that they’re not alone.


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