the little novice and unravel


Unravel is probably the most beautiful game I’ve played this year! This small little game is a great break from the kind of games I usually play which are heavily action-packed and violent at most. Unravel to me is easy-mode, and though it may not be jam-paced with heavy action, it does give you quite an adventure.

You follow the adventures of Yarny, a cute little character made of red yarn that comes alive. Yarny travels down the treasured memories of an old woman, where slowly as you go through each level, the pages from a scrapbook reveal and you see the life of the old woman from her youth to the present. It is tailored so beautifully, revolving around nostalgia, longing, and the transcendence of memory through time.


There are sad moments, and joyful moments. Unravel, made by Coldwood Interactive, had really brought out the best of the PS4’s graphic power. It feels so real, and the hue is soft and hazy, really like living through a memory. Plus! The music is amazing. It’s such a light-hearted game and I’d play it again and again just to unwind.

I do love what the game teaches you at the end. You really feel the impact of each memory. As the level gets a little harder with more puzzles to solve, the more impact the memory has for Yarny and the old woman. It’s well written, developed, and honestly, you guys HAVE to play it if you own a PS4 or an Xbox One.


Look at my screenshots for yourself! What are YOU playing right now? Let me know. 🙂


The Little Novice


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