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I got nominated by the fashionable Ms. @Aricouture to do the Happiness Tag! Honestly, I might need more than 5 things to completely list out what makes me happy.

So without further ado, let’s get started! I’m going to begin with this tag’s first question:


5 Things That Make Me Happy


  1. Chirpy music – It’s something about a song with an upbeat and fun tune that gets me up and dancing along or singing along either by myself or with my friends. It’s a no brainer than music with a positive tune is sure to lift you up and keep you cheerful so long as you listen to it repeatedly until you truly feel happy! It works, trust me.


  1. Gaming – Video games have always been my hobby, and it is one of the special things that boosts my mood up! Whether I’m having a bad day or I just have free time in my hands, I always make time for gaming even for an hour. I play on occasion with my best friends and it makes the experience a whole lot better!


  1. Dance – I’ve been dancing for about 2 years and it’s always the highlight despite the heat, the cold, the tears and the smiles. Doing hip hop and a little of contemporary dance, it doesn’t matter if I’m at practice or performing it, I always feel energized and happy after.


  1. Solitude – It’s winter here in Sydney right now, so I think this is relevant. Having to just chill in bed with my blankets cocooning me, with a hot chocolate on my bedside whilst I either watch Youtube videos, or game, or read a good book. Being alone isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you need to spend some happy time with your true best friend – yourself.


  1. Outdoors – Get a bit of sun and just soak that warm in! I like going outside whenever I can and being out of the house to get some fresh air and enjoy the day. Some days it’s all about staying indoors for me, but for some days it’s all about hanging out with friends and having lunch dates!


The Tag also asks me about the music that makes me happy. Really? Only 5? That’s too limiting!!


5 Songs That Make Me Happy


  1. Always Summer by Yellowcard – It and will always be my favourite song of all time. I’ve heard of the band and I found this song by accident. And I’m glad I did! The lyrics are what gets to me, not to mention the upbeat punk genre that makes you get up and try again. I recommend listening to this song. It’s awesome!


  1. In Your Arms by Kina Grannis – hands down I am a fan of Youtube song artists and Kina Grannis is always a favourite of mine. This song along with the album it is included in has such a mixture of soft, comforting, bright music that always puts a smile to my face!


  1. See The Good by Mindy Gledhill – It’s just cute. The song is so cute and it’s so easy to sing along to! Cheers to all those songs that are meant to just give you a positive vibe inside. If you already can’t tell I lost chirpy songs so definitely have a listen to this one if your taste in music is similar to mine.


  1. Uncharted by Sara Bareilles – Sara’s songs that are meant to uplift you in every way always have an upbeat tune to it. This song in particular has lyrics that gives the song its life. I’m a huge fan of her songs, but this one sends out that message that it’s okay to be uncharted territory. It makes it a little more fun rather than being someone everyone can easily read!


  1. Kibō no Uta by Ultra Tower – To be honest, who would I be without mentioning at least one song from an anime I adore. Anime opening songs are always the best (and I say this with heavy bias). This song in particular from the anime Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars), just makes you jam.


So those are my Top 5s! Hopefully you enjoy getting to know me a little bit more, and now I’d like to get to know YOU! As this Tag also requires, I’m nominating the following bloggers to do this Tag:


  1. Rebecca Colours
  2. Fly me to the clouds
  3. With all my affection
  4. 2bechosen
  5. Jumpy Jess 


Also, if you’re reading this, I’m also nominating YOU! Do the Happiness Tag, spread the love and be sure to tell me when you do your Happiness Tag post. I’d love to hear about what makes you happy.


Till next time!


The Little Novice

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