Little Adventures


Some sun and vitamin sea!

On January 3, a couple of friends called me in the morning and invited me to go on a little coastal walk at Kamay Botany Bay, New South Wales. It was about a 30-40 minute drive down south from the city, and I’ve never been there before. I thought I was just going to watch a movie with them in the afternoon, but this was a pleasant surprise!

I don’t always go to places like this, and I’ve never been here before. But I love walking this environment. Before the rain clouds thundered in, I had a good peaceful 20 minutes of walking by the edge, listening to the sea below. It was scary, let me tell you that, but I needed this walk.


My path looked like this. It was rocky, uneven, but pretty. The texture felt nice under my shoes, and I felt like a little girl again hopping here and there. It reminded me how much I miss visiting places like this. I love the city, but I would have just sat here for hours if I had the chance. It gave me a little break, because my new year didn’t really start off that great. I could imagine throwing all of the bad stuff down that cliff, and letting the waters engulf it, and smash it against the rocks, shattering it all away.

But remember, you can’t always run away whenever something bad happens to you. As much as I love it there, I like how I only visit it a few times during the year. Going to places like these to me, is like visiting my old friend. After all the things you go through, you come back here and tell your adventures to the sea, the sky, the open air. And it’s welcoming. Like it’s listening to everything you’re saying. It’s comforting.


Happy New Year and I wish you all nothing but the best for this year. ❤

With love,

The Little Novice. 🙂


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