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Nobody was coming. Time was ticking and one day, she decided that maybe no one was really coming. Days were passing and they need to go on. They couldn’t afford to stop and hide anymore. So she decided to take matters on her own hands.

The village market was just a few hundred meters from where they were camped within the forest. Clutching her coin purse, she walked with weak knees to the market, buying bread and other supplies she can carry and wouldn’t spoil during her travels. She had invested in a new leather bag and bought warm clothes for the coming winter season.

Once she finished, she returned to the forest by the stream. A girl waited for her there. The girl’s eyes were red and puffy from her sobbing earlier. The girl who came from the market dropped her groceries beside the sobbing girl, made a butter sandwich, and pulled it in half for the both of them. The girl told her sobbing companion that they needed to move on, and if no one come by to save them, she would take care of her always.

Little by little, she would feed the sobbing girl little snacks and watched over her as she slept. Until one day, she finally stopped crying. She stood up, gathered their things, and decided it was time that they continued on. The girl nodded, smiling down at her reflection in the water that no longer cried.

She was her own hero.



It’s not easy to get stronger immediately. But that’s why we all start off a novice, right? Just start. And you’ll get there.



The Little Novice ❤

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