It’s time to keep up. This year 2017, I recently decided to come up with a few goals that will help me grow. I had realized that there was so much I wanted to do this year, and things that I felt disconnected to last year that I want to be connected to again. This is also a next level training ground for me, since I’m turning twenty-two and about to enter my Master’s Degree in Teaching in March.


Here is a list of a few things in my GOALS 2017!



I had a lot of fun last year, but I realised that I wasn’t growing. I felt stagnant. I didn’t spend much time with myself, thinking about helping myself grow. But that doesn’t matter now, because what’s important is that you’re doing something about it. Just like the theme of this blog, novices have to become masters at some point.


One of the things I missed very much was reading, and learning. To be honest, I’ve been disconnected from my writing for the most of last year, and it wasn’t only until December of 2016 where I started picking up my poetry and writing again. I also felt my mind numbing. There were instances where I felt like I didn’t know anything past the skills and knowledge I have right now.

I missed reading about history, and I miss reading (surprisingly) literary criticism, and I miss it all.

So it’s time to keep up! And I don’t just mean with my hobbies, and my goals. It’s time to keep up with the world, most importantly with myself. Taking care of yourself doesn’t just mean eating healthy, exercising, and being healthy spiritually and emotionally. It’s also about helping yourself grow.


Whenever I read, and draw, and write, I feel myself growing. I feel my mind working, and I see new things to make mistakes in!


I understand, that things can get busy. You might have a full-time job and other obligations, but to be honest, there is always time for everything! Even if it isn’t a lot.


Why not read that book you’ve always wanted to read on the train? Or why not draw on the train or write! It may just be a short ride, but nevertheless, that is time ticking. When you get home, why not draw a little for five minutes rather than feeling upset that you’re stuck in some routine of work, home, sleep, repeat.


Like a true novice, you start small. But to be a master, you need to work for it. I’m taking little times for writing, drawing, gaming, and reading. I’m hoping by the end of this year, my journal will be filled with all the things I learned, memories with friends and memories with myself, and continue to grow from there!


What’s your goals for the year? Remember, stick to them! Even if you have to do them 5 minutes at a time for now. Let me know by writing your own posts of your goals and tagging me in it!



I’ll talk to you later.

The Little Novice ❤

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