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Little Paws, Perfect Stinger

….And thus, I am pulled in four different ways.

The one I run to for reason weeps for you the most,

The irony of it all for she was sceptical day by day.

Yet, it was the one I protected most who looks ahead,

How the places have changed once I lost.

But after I fell on my knees and tugged my Father’s hem,

I felt all four ways merge into one road that led

To a future that no matter what guaranteed

Little paws and perfect prowess.

I place my hand on my chest,

And direct the energy to fight to my raised arms,

And take flight once again with a smile,

Because of you who run with the lucky bullet,

The world now bows before a new queen

That flies with wings of the sharpest feathers,

Which I now call stingers.




The Little Novice ❤


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