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I am no longer the girl

Who goes to you when I am teary.

I instead became a girl

Who knows to care for me.

I refuse to be who I was

A year ago at winter up till spring.

I refuse to be her a year ago:

Afraid of what misfortune brings.


I am the girl with kindness

Reigning her heart and believes in good.

But I am the girl with courage,

To believe that she always could.

I am the girl

Who can get scared,

But I’m not the girl

Who’d run away instead.


The girl who cried at night

About her taken memories,

I would rather take flight

Not away but for every day

Misfortunes that may come to me.

I am now the girl

Who stays behind to fight for me.

keziah jemimah gutierrez (The Little Novice) ❤ 

Poetry · WRITE

Midnight Confession – First Memory

The cheering sparks of light in the sky

Hands clean canvases to the crowd below.

I am handed my canvas,

But I find it all ready,

Matted with canvas base.

I wondered why mine was marked,

When I haven’t said a word.

I bring it closer and I see,

A painting of you and me.

Our pasts, our regrets,

The moments we can never forget,

Have all been tattooed and sewn

Deep into the canvas core.

I’ve began my canvas with something in mind,

Which is why

The canvas is painted with us.



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The Little Novice