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I am no longer the girl

Who goes to you when I am teary.

I instead became a girl

Who knows to care for me.

I refuse to be who I was

A year ago at winter up till spring.

I refuse to be her a year ago:

Afraid of what misfortune brings.


I am the girl with kindness

Reigning her heart and believes in good.

But I am the girl with courage,

To believe that she always could.

I am the girl

Who can get scared,

But I’m not the girl

Who’d run away instead.


The girl who cried at night

About her taken memories,

I would rather take flight

Not away but for every day

Misfortunes that may come to me.

I am now the girl

Who stays behind to fight for me.

keziah jemimah gutierrez (The Little Novice) ❤ 

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